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Becoming Me | Happy Birthday

this is a post from last December – but it is worth posting again because it is all still so true.



{a few days late……..}

Becoming me.

my mom with me – 1970

me with my sweet girl – 2006

I had no idea the depth and gravity of a mothers love until I became one myself.

I never knew what “they” meant by unconditional love.

I thought I knew.

But I had no idea.

It was not until my daughter was born that I began to understand the deep well of emotions that a mothers heart contained within in the walls of the human body.

It was like watching a dam burst.

Exploding the barriers that tried to contain the natural force hidden within.

Exploding from the shear force of all that it contains within it narrow boundaries.


An amazing four letter word that envelops the soul that hides within each of us – waiting to be unleashed.

Today is my birthday.

But really, today is the day that became the birth of the of life I longed to lead.

The life I am proud to see and enjoy daily.

This would not have been possible had one woman not given up everything to make it happen.

thank you mom, for loving me.


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